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wordreference.com Great English-Spanish online dictionary

Callejero Streetfinder for Spain; a bit fiddly. You have to enter the Province (Alicante/Murcia etc.), and the City (Ciudad) as well as the street name (but don't include street type, such as Avda). If it works, it does produce a good map at the end! Try multimap which is pretty good. For a map (a bit out of date) of Costa Blanca South see www.apartmentspain.co.uk.


Other Sites with General Information

Speak Spanish and English Fast
Provides Spanish tuition for Business Executives and individuals in the London area.  Six week intensive course available.  One on one tuition also available as well as small classes to suit clients.

alicante Alicante-spain.com - Alicante and Costa Blanca Information.
For apparently independent and very useful  information on Alicante airport, car hire and staying in Alicante.

quietspain.com Information about the Alcoy region, inland from Alicante, and property for sale.

 La Manga Spain Comprehensive and excellent website covering just about everything you want to know about holidaying in La Manga, and more besides.

SpainDreams "ABC for Spain. Accommodation and tourism. Extensive information on lodging. Also active travel, gastronomy, maps, news, weather and more."

info-costablanca "With this site we pretend to offer you the maximum on information, interesting services, tempting offers and much more, all around the Costa Blanca." They said it, but they actually do provide quite a lot of information on what's going on, maps, links to many commercial outlets.

Spanish Apartments Holiday rentals, property sales, car hire, flights, and more...

Benidorm Information  All you need to plan and book your perfect holiday in Benidorm

uk2abroad - the Mobile Roaming Solution  uk2abroad is an innovative Mobile Roaming Solution that allows
travellers to avoid excessive charges on making and receiving calls abroad; and retain their existing UK mobile number and incoming ringing tone.




                                                                                          The Owl and the Sparrow


                                                      Revision 2012


 The Owl and the Sparrow is a book about a battle that takes place in a forest. The battle is between the birds on one side of the forest,  which they themselves  call the good side of the forest, and the birds (vultures) on the other side,  the dark side of the forest.

 Owl is the leader of the good forest and his adversary is the Condor, reputed as being the darkest force in the forest.  Into  the story enters an apparently naive sparrow who is seduced by Condor into the dark side of the forest against the rulings of Owl. Owl refuses to send help because he does not want to endanger the lives of more birds, but also because he is furious with the sparrow. He says that  sparrow was asking for trouble.

 Also on the good side of the forest are an incredibly silly group of finches who like to play games and torment the vultures. But their silliness  and game-playing skills are no match for the profound darkness of the vultures, and some are captured, and terrorised.

  Golden Eagle rules over the whole forest, but he gets little involved because he has left Owl a set of rules. Finally he gets angry with what he sees happening on both sides of the forest, and  realises that rules are not enough. So  out of his concern and love for the birds , he sends his  son, Silver Eagle, to the  forest.   The book covers the events that follow including  a bitter battle and the discovery that there is an unknown traitor within their camp.


Author Ruth Thomas

Editor Joan  Mitchell

First version typed up and suggestions made by Deborah van Welie



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