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Barcelo Lodomar

This hotel is close to Murcia airport - (San Javier airport), but also quite near Alicante airport in San Pedro del Pinatar / Lo Pagan on the other side of the  Mar Menor from La Manga. This lies just inside the Costa Calida (Murcia region), but the Costa Blanca (Alicante region) starts just north of San Pedro del Pinatar (see map). It is one of the best hotels in the area, being 4*; there is one other 4* hotel in San Pedro, and soon another, but the other  hotels have lower ratings. The hotel has an outdoor pool and health centre in the basement. There is a nearby beach (5 mins), and Lo Pagan also boasts the famous mud (lodos) for which many people travel here. The Mar Menor lagoon is also a major water sports hub.

The hotel is located opposite the salt flats (national park, complete with flamingos);  (directions).

Click here for prices and availability. The hotel also has apartments (more information), which can work out a lot cheaper especially in the Winter. See my opinion of the pros and cons of this hotel.

Photos of the Barcelo Lodomar hotel in San Pedro del Pinatar/ Lo Pagan (Murcia region), located near Murcia (San Javier) airport. Click to enlarge.

Hotel room in Barcelo Lodomar hotel at San Pedro del Pinatar

Children's swimming pool at hotel

Jacuzzi at health centre in hotel

Hotel's swimming pool

Hotels gym

View over salt lakes of San Pedro del Pinatar (Salinas) from hotel balcony

Hotel's restaurant

Hotel Barcelo Lodomar, viewed from the salt lakes (Salinas)

Hotel restaurant buffet

Mud treatment (lodos) in health centre of Hotel

Pros and Cons of hotel

Prices go through the roof in August, the traditional Spanish holiday month, as these are mainly used by Spanish holiday makers. However, outside of this period things are much more reasonable, although not cheap.

Pros: The hotel is near Murcia airport (which is actually in San Javier, and not very near the town of Murcia), about 10 minutes by taxi. It is about 45-60 minutes from Alicante airport (directions). The nearby beach, on the Mar Menor, is nice, and swimming in the salty water of the lagoon takes some beating. The hotel is new and modern, and in very good condition. It tends not to be full out of high season (effectively, August). There is also a swimming pool which is open in the summer months, and a health centre in the hotel complete with salt water pool, jacuzzi etc., mud and beauty treatment, massage, and small gym (with cycling, running machines, a few free weights). There are however charges for all the health centre facilities.

Cons:  Hotel restaurant is nice but not particularly cheap (buffet, approx 15 euros), and you have to walk a bit to get to other restaurants. Shops are some distance away - 5 mins or so by foot to the beach where there are small shops, 20 mins walk to centre of San Pedro where there are plenty of shops and restaurants. (Nearest minimarket is about 5 minutes walk on the Calle Rio Mississippi.) The resort is a Spanish favourite, so not so many Brits around (you may consider this an advantage!). TV in room does not have English channels other than CNN and eurosport.

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                                                                                          The Owl and the Sparrow


                                                      Revision 2012


 The Owl and the Sparrow is a book about a battle that takes place in a forest. The battle is between the birds on one side of the forest,  which they themselves  call the good side of the forest, and the birds (vultures) on the other side,  the dark side of the forest.

 Owl is the leader of the good forest and his adversary is the Condor, reputed as being the darkest force in the forest.  Into  the story enters an apparently naive sparrow who is seduced by Condor into the dark side of the forest against the rulings of Owl. Owl refuses to send help because he does not want to endanger the lives of more birds, but also because he is furious with the sparrow. He says that  sparrow was asking for trouble.

 Also on the good side of the forest are an incredibly silly group of finches who like to play games and torment the vultures. But their silliness  and game-playing skills are no match for the profound darkness of the vultures, and some are captured, and terrorised.

  Golden Eagle rules over the whole forest, but he gets little involved because he has left Owl a set of rules. Finally he gets angry with what he sees happening on both sides of the forest, and  realises that rules are not enough. So  out of his concern and love for the birds , he sends his  son, Silver Eagle, to the  forest.   The book covers the events that follow including  a bitter battle and the discovery that there is an unknown traitor within their camp.


Author Ruth Thomas

Editor Joan  Mitchell

First version typed up and suggestions made by Deborah van Welie



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